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Help Haiti Victims

Help for Haiti: Learn What You Can Do  



Namlo International –Making the difference in the world toward peace


The MIzel Museum/Power of Civic Engagement


Packed - teaser for the movie – This movie is in postproduction stage


(Camera for Studio Interviews) Produced by Julie Speer


(Camera) Denver Montclair International School. Produced by Julie Speer


Restorative Mediation –Sandy´s Story– Directed by Julie Speer. Shot by Alexandro Sanders and JS.


The Butterfly Pavillion (camera for interviews and P.A.) Produced by Julie Speer

10.10.10 The International Day of Climate Solutions organized by


Chasin' Bliss Show with Naomi Kamla


Jacqueline Grace – Pre-Acupuncture Treatment Facial


The World Affairs Challenge


Denver Acupuncture Clinic


The Healthy Cooking video series / Denver Acupuncture Clinic

 Interview with Lost Alamos



Reel_AlexSanders from alex rojas sanders on Vimeo.

TEVA Life Agent Grant Submission 

Reel (Subtitling and Translations)

(For the Adventure Film Festival)


Climbing Martha, Lady Washington Peak




This is a compilation of some experimental video and film productions that I have been working on in the past years.

St.Mary's Glacier (fiel Trip #1)

This is some footage from my first field trip to the glacier I am working on to create my MFA exhibition. This is just exploratory work trying to figure out the type of footage and the aesthetics. The audio is nothing else than the original recording, so feel free to put down the volume on your computer.

Untitled (field trip #1) from alex rojas sanders on Vimeo.


©RUSH (2009)

This piece was made for the New Media Salon exhibition (February 2009). With our unsustainable lifestyle we are destroying the ice caps of the planet without noticing it. In this video we see the mountain landscape while in the background we hear the rush of our urban life represented by a never-settling radio.


©The Magic Rock (2007)

This short film was created over one climbing trip to Longs Peak, in the Rocky Mountain National Park of Colorado. As a mountaineer and a filmmaker, I realized that almost any climbing film is only about a "star" who is the main character doing "sick" climbs. At the most, we find documentaries about expeditions, but I never saw a movie that is more like a novel, or a comedy, forget about the humor and the fiction. Thus, I created this short movie as an attempt to brign those elements into Adventure Film.



As a mountaineer, I always try to do anything that would take me up to the mountains. Most of these videos were made with the first intention of reproducing in a graphical, yet experimental manner, the effects of high altitude on the human body.

Mountaineering demands endurance and repetition of movements, of activities. This is only a personal pioneering into this type of film/video


©Zen of the Mountains (2008)



©Atmosferas (2008)



©High Atmospheres (2008)



©Ultimate Limits (2008)



©Imagine the Day (fall 2008)






The Women's College - Class 2011








Other Projects:

Film transcripts; translations to and from English, Spanish, and Italian; film subtitling; DVD productions.




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